Monday, 15 December 2014

Hassop Station

Well this past weekend has been really exciting! Last week was my daughter's birthday - 6th :). We took her to Birmingham last weekend to the Christmas markets and to treat her. It was great, she chose her present really carefully and decided upon Disney's Frozen princess castle which was really good for the money - we had seen another one that was well over a hundred pounds and quite frankly, it wasn't great. It didn't contain any of the Frozen characters and was just an empty shell! The Christmas market was amazing! All the sights and smells - the mulled wine smelt lovely :) There were some really unusual present ideas, jewellery, ornaments, food... so we walked round there and then visited Waterstones.. Wow that was a brill shop, it looked like it used to be an old church so was amazing when you first walked in and saw the impressive spiral staircase! It had a fantastic choice of books too, ha ha!
In the evening we went to Frankie and Benny's which is daughter's favourite eatery! She had pasta and sauce then a huge ice cream sundae with chocolate sauce, yummy... Crafty news... I've been busily working on my mice..
And they were all completed and ready for my first Christmas stall!
Made quite a few sales so am very happy there :) At the weekend we took our dog out for a walk to Hassop station and of course, had to have a cake and a drink there! We had a cherry and chocolate brownie which was really tasty and the station looked great with all the fairy lights and decorations.. We walked a fair distance and the views were fantastic.. all in all we feeling very festive now and ready for Christmas yippeee!
(image above from Hassop Station's website)