Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Weekly baking

This morning I've been busy sorting out weekly bake - I tend to make these things cos a) they tastier and no e-numbers etc in and b) it's cheaper.. I've made granola for our breakfast cereals which we have with raisins (I put them in after) and yogurt, floury baps which are deeelish for pack ups at work/school etc and honey tea loaf which is nice cos it doesn't have any sugar in apart from the honey and natural fruit.
This came in the post this morning :) ....
I ordered from the Open University and it was absolutely free! It's a great poster and is very good for answering those questions children ask when you out walking... Please excuse the pic quality of the first photo! It seems to be very grainy and dusty looking ... think my camera may be on way out!

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