Monday, 3 November 2014

Halloween Half Term

Well we all had a lovely family time off for the week last week ... We visited Crich Tramway Museum twice in the hols in the evenings for their wonderful Starlight/Halloween events..
Dr Who (David Tennant lookalike) was there along with a cyber man and Dalek which DD absolutely loved even though she's never seen the TV programmes... DD was dressed up as a Corpse Bride complete with 'stitches' on her face and white gothic dress. The whole event was very well organised and was brill :) :) We did some baking and made Homebird & Belle's Pumpkin Cupcakes ( which were a great success and devoured in a few days :)
Lots of board games time was had and plenty of Lego! It was brill, ah well back to school today and Monday ... See you soon


freda said...

Love your blog Katharine, keep it going!!

thwartedcheekychimp said...

That's very kind, thank you, I do love writing it but often wonder if it's too uninteresting!