Friday, 3 April 2009

Long Time - No See...

Hello there, so sorry to not have blogged for ages and ages..  am making a conscious decision to do more of my own blogging cos every time I come on I'm busy following everybody else's and forget about my own!  Anyway enough rambling...

My beautiful little girl is now nearly 4 months old! Can't believe it, the time really does fly, she's nearly sitting up now and smiling lots.  Each day I notice some small change in her, it's amazing, I love being a mum!

The Christmas stocking I was working on is now very nearly finished just need to assemble it now and am currently working on a birth sampler for baby's room.

Spring seems to be here now, all the lovely flowers in the garden that are beginning to appear ... love the daffs and tulips ... am going to plant some vegetable seeds soon ... will let u know how I get on..

ta ta for now!

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