Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Spring has Sprung!

Well today has been a great day - was out in the garden pottering ... cleaned out a terracotta herb pot and put fresh compost in and sewed the seeds of basil and parsley, can't wait to see the little seedlings appear, it's always so satisfying isn't it?  So now in the garden we have rhubarb, cabbage, beetroot, rosemary and mint!

Just been on Attic24's blog and she has ordered 5 samples of stripey deckchair fabric which looks really bright and cheerful... so, inspired, I decided to have a look at the website she ordered it from and WOW! I couldn't resist so have done the same! would love to get some fabric to create some seat cushions for the garden (www.deckchairstripes.com)... have to see..

Baby has been rolling onto her side a lot today!  She really got the hang of it now, it's so lovely to watch her progress...

Ta ta for now..

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