Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Wet Wednesday

Hello there, it was my birthday last Saturday and had a lovely day, had some visitors come round in the morning then we went to a garden centre and I bought some lovely eggs to decorate our little Easter tree with and a chilli plant!  We then went out shopping and I bought baby some clothes and we had a leisurely coffee and cake - it was wonderful!  In the evening we went out to a couple of pubs for some drinks and some much needed time with other half... all in all it was a great day... 

Easter Sunday was spent pottering around eating too much chocolate!

Today I've just been busy selling some baby clothes that little baby grown out of - already!  Time really does fly!  Other half is out walking the doggy.

Last night I bought some lovely vintage linen fabric with birdies on from ebay with my birthday money.. can't think quite what to do with it yet, but am sure I'll come up with something!

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